Voodoo Doll (2007)

Chalk it up (2006)

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Tall Paul's newest CD contains 5 new songs, new versions of a few favourites and a couple you may not have heard before.

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Tall Paul & Crawdaddy recorded this one live on a rockin' November night capturing their energetic and eclectic live show for everyone to experience!

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Fast Beneath My Feet (2002)

Can't Find My Way (1994)

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This CD features many new songs, a couple of favourites and the musical assistance of sam bush, jerry douglas and others.

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Voted the second best independent release of 1995 by the Nashville Scene Readers Poll

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OctoBer (1999)

Tall Paul at the Library (1989)

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Recorded on OctoBer 1, 2 & 3 of 1999, “OctoBer” was put directly into digital format using a roland 1680 digital recorder and again using a cs1000s vocal mike and a direct guitar signal… no audience mikes were used this time.

Tod Sheley played percussion on many of the tracks and Paige Wroble and Kristie Bobal sang on a few. One of the nights was actually my birthday and there was a bit of the agave nectar consumed leading to a very humorous second set that night… needless to say, those songs are NOT found on this collection… carpe agave!!

This CD shows the difference 10 years makes on 3 of the songs and how much my setlist constantly changes.

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“The Library” CD was recorded on October 9, 1989 on the strip in Knoxville. Recording was done by Mike Dysinger using an AKG cs1000s vocal mike, a direct guitar signal and a couple of SM58’s pointed at the crowd. It was a magical night with everyone making requests and singing along.

However… if everyone who has told me they were there was actually there, the fire marshall missed a great opportunity for a huge fine. Originally released only on cassette, there have been thousands sold and played worldwide. Remastered to CD in 2000, it is still a favourite!

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